"The Fort Ramgarh with glorious 360 years history stands out with pride and as home away from your home” .

Hotel Amenities

Heritage Rooms

shoot every room category, if possible. Get a “hero” shot showing the full space, as well as details like the view, work area, and bedside. Don’t forget the bathrooms!

Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Pork Vindaloo’, ‘Clock Tower Chicken Breast’ and ‘Vegetable Stroganoff’ are some of their signature dishes, which are a must try.

conference rooms

We have conference rooms that are specially furnished with appropriate seating arrangements.


if weddings and social events are part of your business strategy, you need a selection of supporting images. In this category, styled shots work best. You may want to hire models and dedicate time/budget for a separate photoshoot.

outdoor activities

Our high-speed Wi-Fi continues to keep you connect to the outside world at all times.

Swimming Pool

We can accommodate several people thanks to our giant size pool, allowing you to unwind and let us handle the rest.

horse riding

Riders automatically think of their hands when they hear the word “contact.” But it’s important to be aware that the rider is always keeping contact with the horse through her whole body—not only through her hands, but also through her arms, shoulders, hips and down to the heels

high speed

High speed Wi-Fi, traditional accommodations, equipped with latest facilities. Blend of traditional Indian flavours.


Royal Suite

Heritage Royal suite in the old wing, which were once used by royal dignitaries, are now equipped with modern amenities such as LCD, air conditioning, a tea and coffee maker, a center table and chair, a bath furnished with toiletries, a shower, and hot and cold running water 24 hours a day. Also, traditional and comfortable beds, an almirah and beautiful paintings on the walls make The Fort Ramgarh your home away from home.

Tree Top Mansion

A one-of-a-kind Treetop Room atop a Banyan Tree, which is accessible via stairs, is an exhilarating experience for young and old alike, furnished with all the newest equipment, and a recently built deck. It offers more pristine views of the entire fort.

Vintage Room

The Vintage Rooms were used by the standing army of the Fort but now have modern facilities.

Royal Room

The Royal rooms, which are even more spacious and were once used by Durbar’s high ranking officials, include all the modern facilities of the Royal suite. In addition, inside these rooms, the fragrance of incense sticks spreads the positive vibes and the attractive patterns carved on the roof and the floors, with an attached balcony to let you enjoy the spellbinding views of nature, are the cherry on top.

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